Spare Activated Carbon Filter USA Tech PlusPB-CLC 0.5μm


The USA Tech PlusPB-CLC 0,5mcr activated carbon filter with full antimicrobial activity offers protection against a number of contaminants in tap water, with an emphasis on the effective removal of lead and cysts up to 0.5 microns. This device is manufactured in the USA certified by the NSF organization and is another quality, reliable and effective choice in water filters. It is designed for the removal of chlorine, chloroform, organic compounds, pesticides, pathogenic chemicals and heavy metals. It also reduces the concentration of copper and asbestos fibers and improves the taste by removing the unpleasant odor. It is ideal for installation in all classic 10-inch filter cases.

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  • Functions:
  • Specifications:
  • Sediment removal (sand, mud, rust and suspended solids) up to 0.5mcr
  • Removal of chlorine, chloroform, organic pollutants, pesticides, pathogenic chemicals
  • Improving the smell and taste of water
  • Removal of cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Entamoeba and Toxoplasma) permeability up to 0.5 microns
  • Reduction of lead (lead) (lead is a highly toxic metal that enters drinking water mainly from water pipes)
  • Reduction of copper and asbestos fibers
  • It does not release carbon dust
  • Certified by NSF
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 2.5 ”x 10” (73mm x 248mm)
  • Filter filtration density 0.5μm
  • Shelf life (chlorine) 20,000 liters @ 3.8 lt / min
  • Shelf life (Heavy Metals) 9.460 liters @ 2.8 lt / min
  • Low pressure drop <5psi @ 1 GPM ~ 3.8 liters / minute
  • Filter life from 10 to 12 months depending on water quality
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Certified materials according to NSF / ANSI 42 and NSF / ANSI Standard 53
  • Can be installed on any 10. Inch filter system regardless of manufacturer.

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