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Our idea

What it means ecotype/οικότυπος: Term of evolutionary ecology for the type of living organisms that thrive in a given environment and show a differentiation in phenotype compared to similar species living under other conditions, as they adapt to specific environmental conditions.

My ecotype is our effort to differentiate ourselves by choosing the most environmentally friendly solutions in everyday products. We adapt our habits by making small changes that have a great positive impact on the ecosystem in which we live.

My ecotype was founded with a simple idea, that the products we use every day, from toothbrushes to straws, must be non-toxic and ethically produced products, for a healthy lifestyle without plastic and less waste. In our modern society, we produce billions of disposable products each year that will not dissolve for thousands of years and pollute the land, oceans and rivers throughout their lives. In our online store, you will find products that reduce our ecological footprint. We supply products that will either last for many years (reusable) or will disappear quickly after use (compostable). We try to offer items with minimal to no plastic both in the product and in the packaging.

Why? Because the Earth gives us so much and we want to give it something back.

Here are some facts about plastic that have inspired us to make a change:

Our mission

My ecotype started as we tried to be more environmentally friendly, which proved to be a challenge as it was generally difficult to find good alternatives to the products we wanted to replace. We started making more and more changes to sustainable, reusable products and wanted to share the items we use with others on a mission to reduce their environmental impact.

It all starts with a small change, one person can really make a difference.

At my ecotype we will always be looking for products that reduce our ecological footprint and that are safe for our environment.

Many of us believe that no one can make a difference, but: is just a plastic straw say 8 billion people!

We do not need a handful of people living with zero waste, but we need many of the 8 billion people to try to switch to reusable and sustainable alternatives to reduce the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our planet.

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