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Eco-friendly living: Why Become Your Lifestyle

By changing our lifestyle to Eco-friendly living we help reduce environmental degradation, ie the inability of the earth’s ecosystem to support human life.

Human habits and activities are increasingly affecting the climate and temperature of the earth, adding huge amounts of gases worsening the greenhouse effect and global warming. In 2020, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was 48% higher than its pre-industrial level (before 1750).

Eco-friendly living – the best choice


The change of our way of life in Eco-friendly living is now considered necessary, since climate change affects all regions of the world. The ice in the polar regions is melting and the sea level is rising. Some areas are most often affected by extreme weather events and rainfall. This results in floods and erosion on the coasts and lowland coastal areas. At the same time, others are being tested by intense heat waves, forest fires and droughts. These effects are expected to intensify in the coming decades and at a much faster rate than originally anticipated if we do not adopt Eco-friendly living options altogether.

Many poor developing countries are among the countries most affected. People who live there are often heavily dependent on their natural environment and have fewer resources to deal with climate change.

In addition, material and infrastructure damage, as well as damage to human health, have high costs for any developed society and economy. Between 1980 and 2011, floods affected more than 5.5 million people and caused immediate economic damage of more than 90 billion euros. Sectors that are highly dependent on the level of temperature and rainfall, such as agriculture, forestry, energy and tourism, are severely affected.

In essence, by adopting Eco-friendly living we try to protect the less privileged, who are the first to be hit hardest by climate change. At the same time, however, we are helping to reduce the severe effects of climate change that we are all experiencing with increasing intensity in recent years.

If we take into account all the above the direct effects on our health from the ecological catastrophe as well as the fact that some species of plants and animals will face a high risk of extinction if the average temperature of the earth continues to rise uncontrollably, we find that the change in our daily habits and the shift to Eco-friendly living is the only way for our very existence.

The best way to contribute to the protection of the environment is, among other things, the use of ecological products.

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