Spare Activated Carbon Filter CAWARE CBC 10 “-5mcr


The replacement water filter CAWARE CBC 10 “-5mcr is made of a single solid mass of activated carbon without allowing activated carbon grains to escape into the water as is the case with granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. Provides high levels of retention of sediments (soil and particulate matter), pesticides, hazardous substances, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It also improves the taste and smell of water.
Distinguished for low pressure drop and high pollutant holding capacity extending its life.
Manufactured according to ANSI / NSF and FDA requirements in material and processing.

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  • Functions:
  • Specifications:

• Removes solid water particles, such as medium and fine impurities, mud, sand, rust particles, soil, sediments, micro-particles.
• Effective in reducing pesticides, hazardous substances, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
• Improves the taste and smell of water while reducing turbidity.

Dimensions: length 248mm, diameter 63mm
Filter: 5 microns
Shelf life: up to 12 months
Possibility of dechlorination: 14,000 liters
Pressure drop: 0.11 bar
NPT Leak-free thread according to American standard.
Certifications: ANSI / NSF42, FDA, WQA, WM, WRAS & DVGW.
Can be mounted on any 10 “inch filter system regardless of manufacturer.

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